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  • 1. Fitness Members, and their Guests are expected to abide by these Rules as well as the Membership Rules. Any violation of the Rules may subject the Fitness Member to suspension or forfeiture of their Membership.
    2. Membership is available to anyone 16 years of age or older. If under 18, parent/guardian signature required as well as must be directly supervised by an adult.
    3. You promise NOT to use to conduct any fraudulent or business activity.
    4. Good order, proper attire, decorum and consideration of the rights and comforts of others must be observed at all times. No muddy boots.
    5. Any Fitness Member who conducts themselves in an unbecoming manner, or who knowingly violates any of the Membership Rules may be denied service and or access to the Fitness Club or may have their Membership suspended or forfeited.
    6. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage to any personal property of member or guest.
    7. Must have proof of ID.
    8. Fitness Members shall pay for any loss or damage to property for which they or their Guests are responsible. No property shall be lent to any Member or Guest or any other person for any reason without the expressed permission of the Owner of the Iron Forged Gym or person assigned by them. No property or furniture shall be moved from or to the Iron Forged Gym without the approval of the Iron Forged Gym owner or person assigned by them.
    9. Members and Guests shall not bring any food into the fitness club at any time. Beverages consumed during workout must be in a container with a lid. That Member must clean any spills immediately.
    10. Smoking is not permitted in the entire building.
    11. While using the Iron Forged Gym, all Members and Guests may use a locker, based on availability. All property must be removed from lockers following workouts. Lockers shall not be used to store any property. Changing into exercise attire must be done in the locker/shower room. Any property of the Iron Forged Gym shall not be removed for the Fitness area for any reason. Lockers are not for private use and Iron Forged Gym reserves the rights to inspect all lockers, as well as to remove any lock left on locker. Any property left in a locker will be held for 2 days in the lost and found.
    12. Each member must maintain a current membership.
    13. No bare feet allowed outside of locker rooms.
    14. Members whose memberships expire must claim their possessions within 10 days of their membership termination, or have their locker contents disposed of by the Iron Forged Gym staff.
    15. Members and guests may not display actions that the Iron Forged Gym staff deems unsportsmanlike or rude, or misuse, move or alter any portion of the Iron Forged Gym environment or property. Equipment must be handled with care; any abuse will result in loss of Membership and Fitness Club Privileges.
    16. Respect other members.
  • *Please note: A $35 return fee for bounced checks, plus any other charges that may be incurred will be charged to your account. *Guest/day pass will be charged $7 per occurrence, 3 Day guest pass $15, or 7 Day guest pass $25. If you decide to join that amount will go towards membership. *Police, Military, Corrections officers discount 10% *UPMC Insurance discount
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